Lasted into the mid ’90s, but its character changed, Pechonis says; it was flooded by wannabes drawn to the surfer mystique. “We started getting these college age, career, single types,” he says. “The surf core dropped out.”. PDA involves identifying differential operators that annihilate time traces, in other words fitting the differential equations directly to time traces of process variables. PDA in one sense represents a form of principal components analysis (PCA) in which linear combinations of variables and their derivatives can be considered, in contrast to PCA which considers only linear combinations of variables. We have been investigating the effectiveness of an iterative approach, Iterative Principal Differential Analysis (iPDA), for parameter estimation.

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Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D Conn., was livid. “Secretary Ross’ financial disclosures are like a Russian nesting doll, with blatant conflicts of interest carefully hidden within seemingly innocuous holding companies,” he said. “Overall it was a good weekend,” said Cal head coach Kirk Everist. “It was good getting a lot of guys playing time, getting used to what we want to accomplish offensively and defensively. As the weekend went on, the defense was pretty solid.

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